3 Steps to Reclaiming Your Vision

How many times have you found yourself, drained, stressed, fatigued, uncertain, exhausted, uninspired and uninterested in anything? What if I told you, you never have to feel this way ever again? Seriously, that is no way to live...Ever. How much time do you have here on earth? Exactly, you don't know, so stop wasting it in a downward spiral of dreadful emotions and energy sucking thoughts. In fact, let's move on because writing this has made me cringe! If you can identify with any of what I painfully wrote above, that means that you my dear are in need of a few things, starting with a healthy and balanced lifestyle, beginning with mindset and a gratifying list nonnegotiables.

Now that we know even in 2020, life is a tropical island getaway no matter what happens, let’s pack for it. Actually, let’s make a pact. It’s not one of those pacts where people die or whatever but one that holds us accountable to each other while simultaneously leading us into the life of our dreams. Let’s all commit to 3 steps below daily. Starting small will allow us to build the stamina to go up against the hard days that come to knock us off balance. Are you ready?!?


1. Write your life’s mission statement 

I know, I know, this is a weighty but necessary first step. Journaling every day could help you think through the ideals you’re unsure of to bring you to this moment, but you NEED this moment. A mission could be; being a Proverbs 31 woman, becoming a wealthy CEO, or achieving the highest honor in your field of study or career. Whatever it is, people naturally protect what they value and the path towards it. Until you value your purpose you won’t keep it safe from evil doers. 2020 didn’t have to do us the way it did but guess what, it happened and we’re still here! That means we have to get super clear about our purpose and goals so we have a sure FOCUS. 

2. Create Access to Your Vision

I hardly ever play video games, but when I do, I become addicted to the level up. You are playing to win, that’s the goal. Every level comes with a different challenge and they obviously become increasingly harder as you get closer to winning. This is how we have to think about our personal vision. There will be challenges and road blocks so we have to figure out how to constantly clear the path to our vision. Think of being in a ball pit and you want to move from one side to the other. You have to push the balls to the side. They are not heavy or immovable they are just in the way and annoying.
Distractions will come to cloud our thoughts and time. If 2020 taught us anything other than how important it is to vote, it taught us that we don’t know how much time we have. Fight, battle and destroy the challenges on your path but don’t Netflix and Chill with it! Know when to rest versus when to fold. We don’t have time to fold under pressure. We are always occupied with the task of creating access to our mission. 

3. Always be Cross-Checking

When your mission, thoughts and actions align...whew!! Think the best thoughts and be the person who lives your mission. This all seems so simple to write but I literally have goosebumps. Do you realize how powerful you are when your mind, body and spirit are in sync with your purpose. Your 70,000 daily thoughts are giving birth to something, it is your responsibility to make sure you filter for thoughts that align and thoughts that divide. You do what you think and what you are doing every day is creating access to your vision. Train your mind to redirect disempowering thoughts and intentions. This is easier written than done but this is a small barrier in the game. Do a daily cross-check of your mission, mind and actions. Be ye aligned. 

I seriously feel empowered to lead the world right now. However, I’m starting with leading myself. Self care is not just about bath bombs and facials. Self care is the ability to know yourself, identify your needs  and provide for you, consistently. If you are still reading this and suddenly began to lose focus because you started thinking about who would be affected by your plan for you, STOP! The number one person affected by your failure to launch is you. Read this as many times as your need to. Here let me help you, 1. Write your life’s mission statement. 

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