I founded this business with freedom and love in mind. Growing up in Brooklyn, New York to Caribbean parents allowed me to learn a lot about using natural resources to serve my body. Foods that could be grown in a garden were either on our dinner plates or used as healing agents. This was the beginning of my understanding of the importance of natural resources and the goodness of the earth.

In 2014, during the advent season, I decided to use the same concept to create skin care products that would not only create a beautiful self care experience, but also be nourishing to the skin. I created a skin exfoliant that everyone loved and it wasn't long before they urged me to continue to produce it so they could buy it. What was once just a lovely scented sugar scrub in a jar, had now become a skin care line with body butters, cleansers and more.

Over the years I have partnered with other companies and local non profit organizations to teach others the benefits of my products and how to create their own self care experiences at home. I’ve had the honor of visiting health care centers for Senior Citizens, youth organizations and centers for women who have experienced domestic violence to introduce them to the experience and the benefits of my products.

In addition to being the Founder and Creative Director behind the brand, I am a mom and style enthusiast, who specializes in rising to occasions and supporting others on their journey to creating a life filled with wonder-full experiences.

From beauty and style trends to thought provoking literature. All is inspired by God, love, beauty & hope. RDC is purposed with the mission of igniting joy, cultivating peace, and celebrating beauty in the homes and hearts of many.